Debates arise around Culture and Heritage

Beer mugs are flying, insults are raining and tables are crashing! What happens? Well, we are at Guido's pub, the pub where we love three things: drinking, fighting and debating! Today, we argue about the ancient city of Palmyra that is, at the time of writing, under threat from Isis terrorists. It made us reflect on our powerlessness in the face of such destruction of a Historical Heritage of Mankind. Some think that nothing can be done, others that we must not remain inactive. So, in an atmosphere heated by alcohol, the discussion went south ... Here is a summary of the battle. Read more
Today we grapple with an existential question for all heritage explorers, the question of which parts of our body absorb the contents of a visit? Is it through our eyes? And our hands, they remain in our pockets, our ears are clogged and we have a gas mask on our face?! Is an exhibition made ​​only to be seen? In your opinion, how many of our senses are titillated during a visit? Come on, we'll sort it out... Read more
The shock of the terrorist attacks in Paris, Copenhagen and Tunis has sparked different reactions: anger, revolt, an urge to debate or otherwise fear: fear of the amalgamation, fear of others or simply physical fear. Inevitably, museums found themselves face to face with that fear. Some have opted for self-censorship. Were they right? Read more