"It's when you are safe at home that you wish an adventure.  When you're having an adventure you wish you were safe at home."

  Thornton Wilder     

I am now twenty-five years old and I have had many adventures.
My first adventure was at high school, nine years ago. As usual, sitting at the back of the class, I was bored  with the lesson on the history of art.  The book on my desk was open at a random page, just to make it look as if I was following. Then I started turning over the pages, hoping to maybe find something exciting there. Suddenly, a story began to unfold in front of my eyes. My curiosity was awakened and I began turning the pages faster and faster when suddenly a girl with a pearl earing revealed herself. Her charm took my breath away. A beautiful girl with a turban, an innocent gaze that hypnotizes you ... it appeared to me as the incarnation of Purity. I have yet to go to  Holland to go introduce myself. Who's coming?
I remember another great adventure. It was the year of my twentieth birthday. At the time I was mad about flint, but my love was beginning to falter. We had got used to each other, there were no longer any secrets between us. Also, to escape from the daily monotony, sometimes I examined other stones. One day I was walking the halls of a small museum to betray my love when an obsidian core appeared to me suddenly. Used for the manufacture of sharp weapons and prehistoric tools, the "devil nail" had scratched me for ever.
Three years later, on  Heritage Day I decided to tread some less beaten paths. I went to a cemetery on Sunday morning when the fog filled the air with a fantastic aura. As I was walking in the middle of stones and messages to the dead, I felt a shiver run through me. Suddenly a vision warmed me: a strange sculpture representing a kiss so passionate that the two lovers had merged. I remember I felt so much beatitude. I must say that since we met, I still think about  it. The simplicity of it's form troubled me irrevocably. I had gone to explore a gloomy place, and I discovered The Kiss!
Let's put away our slippers without regret. Let the adventure begin! Guido will take you away into the unknown if you want.



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