Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to present you my new magic trick! More dangerous than the cut and restore rope trick, more innovative than the sawing a woman in half trick, more impressive than the headscarf which disappears trick, I will try to achieve the impossible: transform cultural practice into a game. Without trickery! And without compromising the scientific rigor of the culture! And, let’s be reckless, without hands and blindfolded! But I will first ask a spectator to join me… You! Yeah you, please join me on stage…
Look carefully in this box. You confirm that there is no wire, no mechanism. You confirm that it is a guided tour about archeology in a national museum. You see that there is a guide delighted to welcome so many people, but regrets the distance created by the institution and this microphone and the headphones.
There is an old man still interested in cultural heritage, but jaded by the wear of visits that are similar to each other. He no longer has the momentum of his rebellious youth.
There is a mom who is trying to initiate into archeology her fourteen year old son, but he is disappointed that it is not such fun as Tomb Raider.
The guide tries to create exchanges, to make jokes, but the mood does not heat up, passive behaviors are too strong.
The old man is more and more preoccupied with his aching feet and he is jettisoned, he thinks only of sitting down.
The mom spends her time telling her son to pay attention, but he is distracted by his remembrance of Tomb Raider.
The old man is used to guided tours, but why...? He cannot remember.
The guide knows what she says is important, but do the visitors understand this? Sometimes she has a doubt.
The mother knows what she owes to culture and would like her son to succeed with an enlightened mind, but knowledge piles up in his head like badly fitted Tetris bricks.
You confirm this? Okay. I put a veil on the box, and I will now make magical incantations.
« Shazaaaaaaaaaaaam Papapapatam, Catapacatac, Ratatac, Rondoudou doudou dou, razouuuuuuuuuum ! Poum poum poum ! Onion Chips Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Knob, triangle, square, up, down, left, Hummmmmaya kuntayamogo! »
That's it ... Now I lift the veil and see what happens! Oh!
There is a guide with a golden microphone that takes her visitors on a great archaeological quest full of mysteries, she equips them with headphones like heroes paired for adventure.
There is an old man who cannot wait to do battle. Such a sharp veteran, he will show his knowledge of hunting skills to the others.
There is a son who drags his mom to the museum, promising her an unforgettable experience, better than Tomb Raider!
The guide is flooded with tricky questions and debates, but she handles it well and even responds with some jokes which score. There is a great atmosphere.
The old man is proud to have aching feet. His blisters will be war trophies that he will exhibit to his wife and make Clint Eastwood appear as a wimp.
The son believes he is in the real Tomb Raider! He followed the questions and he wins levels each time his brain made tilt.
The guide knows what she says is important, no doubt!
The old man sees each visit as a new dungeon to explore, he is determined to destroy this obscurantism that revolts him and that he will fight tooth and nail.
The son sees his mother as a level 80 hero. He would like to become strong like her, he still has some way to go, but it will be an exciting way!
Thank you public, thank you for the applause! But ... what I'm going to tell you is going to disappoint you. In fact, there is no magic, no tricks, no illusion. I am an impostor! Because in truth, I have not transformed anything. It is your point of view that has changed. It's up to you to be magicians who transform the boredom and the routine into a thrilling and real game. But you'll need a magic wand, and it will be Guido!

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