Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaal! Goal goal goal gooooooooooooooooal! What a goal! Fantastic! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! Damn it, what an extraordinary goal! Is this real?  Ohhhhlalalalalalala! Opopopopopop! Oh my goodness! What a goal! Ladies and gentlemen, I can assure you that we have just experienced one of the finest moments in the history of our sport! We will review the action in slow motion, as soon as the control room will have sent the magneto.
Hello, the control room? Hello...
Until slow motion comes, I remind you that the tour of this exhibition on particle physics started thirty minutes ago.  The Polish Stanisława Lukaszewski started it very well with a stunning collective action, since she has invited her friends to join her. A technical gesture of great flexibility.
So the control room, this slow motion? No, not yet?
But despite this thundering start of the tour, Stanisława Lukaszewski's rhythm as she let herself be overwhelmed by a complex content, of which she knew nothing before coming to this playground of the Science Museum.
When comes the slow motion? Oh! The board, you do not know how to put a tape in a VCR? What! We no longer use tapes?
Hmm ... And Stanisława Lukaszewski began to warm up, thanks to the efforts of the guide, which made passes easier to receive, like this one in the 12th minute: “the particle collider is the warmest place and one of the coldest of the universe!” , it is a type of pass we call "astonishment" in our sports jargon.
Hey! Slow motion! I'll not fill in the blanks for three hours!
Then Stanisława Lukaszewski multiplied passes, juggled with knowledge and ideas, with an ease of which she did not think herself capable. That's why she shouted to the guide: “Niech to chuj! I managed to understand that the Higgs bosons constitute a field that gives their mass to other elementary particles, and therefore to everything even me!” Congratulations Stanisława Lukaszewski! And likewise, the elementary particles of ideas in her head were also taking on mass and assembled to form this material called "thinking"!
Gosh, what am I saying? Have pity control room, send me the slow motion, don’t you see that I'm burnt out ... What? It’s there! Not too early!
Let's look at the goal in slow motion. Look at the determination with which she takes the ball and rushes towards goal. She dribbles and cuts out several obstacles such as ignorance, clichés and approximations. Then she is confronted with the final obstacle. This is the famous misconception whose name is “Watiz Allthatmoneyspentonuselessstuffthatdoesnotconcernme”. But look how she demolishes it with a combo of curiosity and critical mind and sends the ball into the goal. It's really an amazing goal from Stanisława Lukaszewski, who, I remind you, is only at the beginning of her new sporting career in guided tours.
Ah! She reminds me of myself when I was just a novice sportsman, and when a guided tour gave me muscle soreness of the brain. The pleasure of progress, adrenaline of curiosity and especially the joy of sharing these moments made me persevere. Today I exercise regularly to keep fit. You too, as Stanisława Lukaszewski, start sports, join the Guido team and become champions!



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