You ravenous people!
You want to devour culture, feed your brain with guided tours, take your dose of knowledge, and eat at will the salad of ideas? You came here to gorge yourself... And you did well! Welcome to “chez Guido”! This canteen is certainly cheaper and less classy than these elitist restaurants, but you will be welcomed like at home and your taste buds will travel very far. Please have a seat.
Micheline! Prepare the pans!
What can I serve you as entree?
Here at "chez Guido" we first stimulate your appetite, we titillate some of your senses, because culture is above all a tasty treat. I can recommend the "gratin tour with twenty-seven spices", very smooth at first bite, its sweet taste will be familiar and leave you in your comfort zone. The second bite will be hot, like an explosion of surprising flavors that will take you elsewhere...
Micheline! Is there still turmeric?
And for the main course, what do you take?
Do not hesitate, there's something for every appetite. You must know that our dishes are highly nutritious. They bring you the curious-vitamins, knowledge-carbohydrates and proteins of the mind. Personally, I would recommend the famous "heritage couscous". Do not worry, it's not as greasy and indigestible as these big heritage grubs, based on super caloric logorrhea that fall heavily in your stomach and give you nausea. No! My couscous, besides being delicious, is light and delicate like the steps of a ballet dancer. With my couscous, I swear, you swallow heritage, but afterwards you digest ideas and shit thoughts! Hum… Excuse me; I always get crazy when I talk about my couscous. So, couscous or not couscous? Okay, let’s go! Couscous!
Micheline! Can you prepare the vegetables and chickpeas?
And you will not leave without a little dessert, will you?
Our specialty is the "mega-guided-tiramisu", a very fine dessert. We put the friendship cake on the table and you eat it all together. Like this. With your hands. It saves the dishes, and above all, stop minding about good manners and barriers! We create social links with our good food, because you share the same cultural object. There will be heated debates about who took the lion's share, if the recipe is as good as that of your uncle, and there will be laughter and more laughter! Because that's how we deal at “chez Guido"!
Isn’t it Micheline?!
Culture is like cooking: you will have fun, you feed your mind with ideas and you share a good time. So whether you are gourmets or gargantuan gluttons, on a diet or starving, carnivores or vegetarians, first-timers or a seasoned veteran, you are all welcome. Our Guidos will prepare their best recipes, they pamper you, and I know you will come back, because culture is the favorite dish of good living.

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