I address this open letter to all officials employed in caring for culture.
“Warning heritage guardians, curators and mayors! Guido will rob you without you noticing it. King of disguise and speech, Guido visits museums of all sizes and kinds, all over the world on his cat paws. A beautiful eloquence and poise that fit perfectly to the missions of this "thief" of knowledge. With  a  little touch of impertinence readable in his smile, he plays his performance with stunning class and distinction.
Hey! Headmaster, Madam the mayor, leave this dandy and friendly «burglar" alone. He is attracted by the amphorae and specimens, jewelry and master paintings of your museums, and the statues and architecture of your cities. In passing, he will take a work of art, then another, and yet another to build an exciting speech. And then he will take ownership of less known treasures to put them in the spotlight, always careful to operate with sensitivity and courtesy. Each object of the heritage, visible or not, deserves attention. He robs to offer them to his guests in the form of stories. He acts with elegance and sophistication to bring the words to all.
No need to double-lock your wealth or put it under a cloche with an alarm system, dear curators. He is basically a burglar with good manners, who never used a weapon or any brutality. All heritage objects can help him in taking the audience on a quest for meaning. For this, you only have to commit to listen and respond, because it is only here that you explore the heritage in all its facets.”

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