The daily and intimate life of the works brought to light

"And to think that every time we voted for them, we silenced in us this cry ' neither gods nor master '.” Rooms of the Ethnography Museum of Geneva. I strolled daydreaming. And humming that old song of Renaud, a French singer. I was tired. I came from Rome and was waiting for my connection for Paris. This time I didn't really know why I came into the museum... Read more
Here comes the summer... I went to southern Italy to see some friends for my holiday. As I passed through Rome, I planned to stop there to visit the Italian capital. I especially wanted to discover the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque art. Read more
Tuesday, closing day for many museums …. at last! On this sunny afternoon I decided to go to the Louis Vuitton Foundation which is in the zoological gardens of Boulogne near Paris. Read more
It was already night and I still had not found the Venus de Milo. Recently arrived in Paris, I had gone to the Louvre, like any tourist worthy of the name. In the closing hours of course! Read more